Servitas FC

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The story...

The story began with a team playing in a co-ed community soccer league.  After about a year of playing as an all-girls team against mostly all-boy teams, a community service organization called MAKE | SERVE started to assist by helping pay for high-level coaching and other expenses, providing support, and ultimately launching a new team: Servitas FC.  The players of Servitas FC commit to developing not only as complete players, but also as complete young women through the principles of justice, kindness, and humbleness. 

With the support of MAKE | SERVE, the team hired "guest coaches" to run clinics throughout the Summer of 2017.  These coaches were from various backgrounds, such as, former and current assistant coaches at universities; seasoned club coaches; and a former professional European soccer player who had just enough time to do a three-week clinic before going to the East Coast to coach a university team.  The team is now training with a young, energetic, and passionate coach.  He is an assistant coach and recruiter for the women's soccer program at a local university.  

Servitas FC is continuing to accept tryouts from players born in 2004 and 2005.  Servitas FC will provide high-level coaching, academic mentoring, and service opportunities.  Servitas FC’s soccer instruction will emphasize technique, teamwork, and self-confidence.  Servitas FC’s focus on education will provide academic mentoring and require its players to maintain good grades.  And, because Servitas FC recognizes the value of service, it will require its players to give back to their communities.


You can support Servitas FC by either coming for a tryout, coming to cheer it on, or even making a donation.  If you are a professional coach or expeirenced player, and are interested in getting involved, please contact us.  


For more information · 714.642.7355 ·